About us

ipa logoThe IPA- Section Finland was founded 18.12.1959 and adopted in 1961 in Paris.

The IPA- Section Finland shall observe the statutes and decisions of different bodies of the International Association in so far as they do not contravene the Finnish Law.

The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be convened before the end of April and other meetings by the decision of the National Comittee.

The National Committee shall be composed of a chairman, who is called President, and 12-18 other s elected by the meeting of the Association. The s are chairmen of the national sun-section/regions.

The National Committee:
President Jari Kinnunen
I Vice President Jorma Niemi, Professional Commission
II Vice President Timo Suikkari, Cultural Commission
III Vice President Teppo Hämäläinen, Social Commission
Secretary General Miia Keso
Treasurer Maarit Oksanen
Editor - in - Chief Kauko Kuismin

The National Committee shall elect the Secretary General and the Treasurer either among themselves or outside the National Committee.
The Association shall consist of the meetings, the National Committee and the Working Group and other committees and working groups.
Regional unregistered sub-sections and local or national groups may be founded for the activities of the Association.
These sub-sections and groups shall function under the supervision of the National Committee, and their statutes shall be confirmed by the National Committee.